Caring approach

How we take care of your pets.....
and how you can play your role too!

At Vet Stars we put the care of your pets first, but there are some things we rely on you to do to make sure all pets are treated equally.


Yes, we are a business and as such need to charge fees to “keep the doors open” and maintain our standards of care. The standard consultation fee is $80.00, and this is the minimum you can expect to pay for a visit. The exception to this is if your pet is returning for a recheck. In these cases, discounted consultations will apply. A $10 discount is available to genuine, card carying pensioners.

Please feel free to discuss fees and charges with any of our staff. At all times, we are happy to provide you with an estimate of treatments costs. Please note, that it is often difficult to do this over the phone, even if we have seen your pet before. So, detailed estimates will usually require a visit.

Leads & Cages

It is an absolute requirement that dogs brought into the hospital are effectively restrained with a lead and collar, and that cats are in a cage. The reasons for this are common sense. One hates to imagine the effect of having an angry Rottweiler and an even angrier cat in the same room, at the same time, unrestrained.


We unfortunately do not “do accounts”, nor do we “bulk bill”. As much as we would like the federal government to subsidise pet health care, it obviously is never going to happen. However, we do have full eftpos facilities and accept all major credit cards.


Vet Stars Hospital is licensed to carry out major surgical procedures. In line with this, a consent form will need to be signed by the owner of a pet being admitted for surgery. As a general rule, we require that animals are fasted from the evening meal the day before the surgery, until the day after the surgery.

For after hours emergency, please contact Small Animal Specialist Hospital.